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2019年末から100日連続動画製作にチャレンジ…YouTubeでKAY'S VLOGというタイトルで投稿しています。


















*KAY'S VLOG再生リストはこちら


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I haven't taken so much time in making movies so far as it has been something out of my line.

But I made up my mind to make 100 movies in 100 days posting a movie on YouTube everyday. The title is "KAY'S VLOG"

VLOG is a coined word made up of VIDEO and BLOG.

I guess it's something like a video diary.

I tell a story about my daily life and thoughts with a short movie for about 5 minutes.

I have been blogging since 2006 but there must be something that I cannot tell with photos and texts.

Long time ago, we used to use a 8mm VCR when we take a video.

​When I was a junior or senior high school student, it was a poplar tool to take a movie at school culture festival.

We took a movie, had it developed, cut and edited it and added music and voice...


​In 1980s VCR became popular. We didn't have to develop the film, which made it to take a video. But it's not so easy to edit.

Compared to the old days​, everyone can take a video and upload it on YouTube much more easily with a digital camera or smart phone. How convenient it is!


Take a video, edit it, upload it and put Japanese subtitling on it...those tasks take time and some efforts.

But practice makes perfect. It's getting easier as I do it as a part of my daily routine.

If I make it in Japanese, it doesn't take long but first I make English text,


then put Japanese subtitling later according to the timeline, which takes some time.

It's been ten years this year since I quit my teaching job.

As I grow older, my English skill is getting worse bit by bit.

Especially my vocabulary is getting poorer and poorer.

In that sense, this is a good opportunity for me to learn English again.

Or this can be a chance to make personal history. 

This would be worthwhile especially for middle-aged.

​I speak English so English-speaking friends will understand but add Japanese subtitling.

Those who learn English in Japan can make the use of language learning.

Even after making the 100th, ​I will make more videos as well as photos while traveling. 

Any comments would be welcome!

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